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Goodie Bag Friday

16 Oct

My first bag of goodies I’ve ordered from YongNuo arrived last night. Express from Hong Kong to South Africa in 3 weeks flat, not bad in my opinion.

YongNuo Goodies

I decided to order from YongNuo’s offical eBay site , as they offer free shipping on most of their products, and while sometimes the products are priced a tad higher, having the assurance that your product comes with some sort of warranty is quite reassuring. Especially when dealing with, lets face it, relatively cheap camera gear from china.

The small bag was quite stuffed, and consisted of one set of RF-602 wireless flash triggers, a wireless shutter trigger, an el’ cheapo flash diffuser and some eye-cups, which I tend to lose at a worrying rate.

Reviews of the wireless shutter release and RF-602 triggers to follow soon.