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An Introduction. Pure and simple.

11 Oct

In all likeliness, this particular post won’t (hopefully) be my most read, and if things go well, only by those exceptionally bored or worryingly interested in what I have to say, being the originating post, from where the rest will seem to ooze out of.

It is here, that I’ll begin the jibberjabber then.

They call me matt. Twenty two at this point in time, I’ve developed quite a feverish fondness for.. Learning?

Yes, I love it. If it has something, anything to do with creating something out of raw sensual material, I just fucking love it.

Since picking up a camera several years ago, and slowly branching into such fields as timelapse photo/cinematography, slow motion video & the likes (I’m sure bits and pieces of these hobbies will crop up here eventually).

I grew up in the film industry, and now find myself a part of the family business, namely: special effects. We’re currently in the middle of one of our biggest feature films right now, Judge Dredd… 3D. So that’s tons of fun. (…) My main goal, ultimately though, is to end up behind the wheel of a cine-cam, so wish me luck with that.